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Molly Lane // July 16, 2013

So you’re starting an online business. Chances are, as a new entrepreneur you’ve already found yourself overworked, overstressed, and falling short of reaping the rewards and flexible lifestyle that attracted you to entrepreneurship from the get go. Truth is, EVERY ENTREPRENUR faces these challenges at one time or another. But it’s the successful ones who learn how to identify and overcome them.

Below are 5 major challenges that, as an online entrepreneur you’ll likely face out of the starting gate. Learn how to overcome these early difficulties with the secret weapon used by successful online entrepreneurs. What is this secret weapon you ask? It all ties back to affiliate marketing, and the many ways affiliate marketing is the ideal business model for new online entrepreneurs. Keep reading, and see if you identify with these common challenges . . .

1. Lack of Time and Resources


Unfortunately, when you’re just starting out, not only is time scarce, but money is too. Entrepreneurs are busy and can’t do everything themselves, and need to outsource to be successful. You’ve got to choose what you invest in, and choosing wisely can make or break your new business. A customer service team, administrative support, a sales team, website developers, marketing experts, SEO gurus, advertising options, tools . . . the list is endless.


The good news is, that partnering with an affiliate network is one great way to take a few of these things off of your plate. When working with an affiliate network not only do you get your product in front of countless Internet marketing experts that successfully utilize every way imaginable to sell anything imaginable online, but you also have access to that network’s features. Many networks provide features to their clients (even those just starting out) that can help offset your lack of internal resources.

For example, ClickBank’s Joint Venture feature allows you to partner with a variety of skilled service providers such as copywriters, designers, developers, affiliate managers, and more who can help you with the creation and promotion of your product. And the icing on the cake is that the administratoristrative portion of these relationships is handled for you. Simply indicate the terms and rates of payment to your partners, and ClickBank will handle the rest behind the scenes based on your direction.

2. Sales Team? What Sales Team?


As an online entrepreneur, the concepts of dialing for dollars and pounding the pavement aren’t quite what they used to be. But that doesn’t mean that having an effective sales force isn’t still the most important part of your business. You’ve got the goods, now how do you get them into the hands of your customers?


Many affiliate networks boast thousands to hundreds of thousands of affiliates ready to sell your products. What does this mean for you as an online entrepreneur just starting out? Access to an instant, expert, commission-based sales force is what it means. And as a new online entrepreneur, it’s a resource you can’t afford to pass up.

3. Pinning Down Potential Prospects


The key to sustainable entrepreneurship is to make sure there’s someone buying what you’re selling. Problem is, when you’re first starting out, you may have the best idea in the world and most air tight business plan, but if you don’t have a list of customers to start, then you’ve got your work cut out for you and it may be more than you’ve bargained for.


By connecting with an affiliate network and using it as a channel for your products, you can tap into the existing customer and prospect lists of countless affiliates who have successfully promoted other products in your niche! Not only can this help you jump start your sales from the beginning, but is a great way for you to build your list and have paying customers to remarket to in the future.

4. Trading Time for Money


If you’re in a services business (coaching, consulting, freelance writing), chances are, you’re only getting paid when you work. This is what I like to call trading time for money. Unless this work satisfies all of your hopes and dreams in life and business, you may just be buying yourself a job (and time is the currency).


It’s time for you to productize your service. Affiliate marketing can give you a channel to distribute this knowledge in product form, and reach (and help) more people than would ever be possible with a services model. With ClickBank, that means creating and selling an offering in digital form such as an eBook, audio file or membership subscription based on your area of expertise. This is a great way to diversify your income and reach a wider audience.

5. Multiple Passions and Diversified Product Mix


Perhaps you’ve created (or plan to create) multiple product types and target more than one niche. Many online entrepreneurs look for opportunity first through researching keyword competition, high need products or buyer keywords, and create products second. If this is the method to your madness, or if you simply plan to monetize many of your diverse passions, your customers are likely to exist across many very different target markets, all of which you’ll need to reach.


Working with an affiliate network can help reduce the challenge of selling to multiple markets by connecting you with expert affiliates across hundreds of niches/industries with experience selling every product type imaginable.


As an entrepreneur, chances are you don’t shy away from hard work to earn your keep. Affiliate marketing is no different. Although there are many affiliate network options available to you to kickstart your online business (we’re partial to ClickBank for digital products), it never hurts to put in a little elbow grease up front. What I’m saying is, it benefits you to seek out affiliates to promote your products rather than waiting around for them to come to you. Whether connecting with affiliates through the networks themselves, finding affiliates in third party forums (e.g., Warrior Forum) or meeting them in person at industry events (e.g., Affiliate Summit), taking the initiative with busy, successful affiliates can only help your efforts!

Now it’s time to let an affiliate network work for you. Rely on your network to help you lighten the workload and ease some of the common challenges you’re sure to face as an online entrepreneur. Get going, there’s no time to waste!



WARNING: This Volume Of Traffic and Money Can NOT Be Achieved Using Google™, Yahoo™, MSN™, Banner Ads, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, FaceBook™, Adwords™, SEO, Blogging, Article Writing, Media Buys, Classified Ads, Twitter™, Link Building, eMail Drops, Adswaps And Joint Ventures COMBINED!!!

FACT: They’re Tedious, Too Complicated, Too Challenging, Too Expensive, Too Stressful, Time Consuming And Overcrowded.


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Date: October 4, 2013

From the desk of Latif


After 4 long years of consistently making money online there is ONE essential ingredient you need for success and that is …


… Traffic!!


I can honestly tell you, you need traffic to make money online. There’s *absolutely* no other way around it.


I’ve been getting instant traffic and I will prove to you with my years of experience, it DOESN’T get any easier than this.


FOUR years is a long time … that’s 48 months, 1,461 days, 35,064 hours or 2,103,840 minutes learning every trick in the book. I’ve even spent over $100,000 learning these so called ‘techniques’. That’s an average of $2,083.00 a month.


I believe you DON’T have that kind of time on your hands or that kind of money lying around.


But I can tell you this though … I’ve been there.


I’ve burnt my hard earned money trying every one of these gimmicks and wasted a lot of time over the years.


I’ve tried Google Adwords™, banner ads, social bookmarking, social networking, FaceBook™, SEO, blogging, article writing, media buys, classified ads, link building, email drops, adswaps, joint venture partners … and in the end…


… I didn’t achieve anything …


… as they were too tedious, too expensivetoo complicatedtoo time consuming with endless days and nights of hard work. I did get a dribble of traffic or 10 visitors, if I was lucky.


They’ll work for one day and the next … I began questioning myself to what I did wrong. Fact is … we don’t do anything wrong … we’re just using outdated, overcrowded methods that worked wonderfully yesterday, NOT TODAY!!


This whole making money online ‘thing’ was new to me too … I didn’t have the slightest clue what to do and where to start or even how. The only thing on my mind was how to make ‘some’ money but for that I learnt I needed instant traffic and I needed it fast.


I knew it could be done as I’ve witnessed everybody else raking in the traffic AND cash except me.


Fact is … once you know how to get an instant rush of traffic consistently, you’ll begin to see cash being generated consistently into your accounts too.



So let me ask you a question?


What if you could find a ton of people quickly to deposit from $0.00 or $112.58 to $2,330.19, $2,435.85 or even $3,508.66 a day to your account?


What if you could copy and paste ‘simple’ links and have countless number of people pay you those amounts every week, like clockwork?


But first … have you tried any of those traffic generation techniques I’ve mentioned above? Did any of them ever work in your favor?


Were they too difficult? Too time consuming? Too technical? Required too much work? Too stressful? Ends up being too expensive? Too challenging and gets you really frustrated??


Well that’s about to change drastically … once you get your hands onto this software.


Is this your first time in search for traffic and making money online? If it is then I’ve just saved you months and years of frustration!!


I’ve even saved you several hundred dollars, if not thousands. I’m about to prevent you from buying useless reports, ebooks, DVDs, webinars, audios, podcasts and videos that will eventually catch dust on your computer. As in the end you will realize …

It’s sad but it’s true, as most people will never be able to make any money online because of 3 critical reasons:


Firstly … they can’t figure out the *BIG* traffic secrets used by others who are raking in thousands of dollars every day.


Secondly … there is so much misleading, junk information out there which makes it extremely difficult to get started.


And finally … what you have learnt till now has been too technical, too complicated and time consuming with little or no results to show for in the end.


Fact is … you do need a lot of traffic (visitors) every day to make a consistent income online. It’s that simple.


And you really DON’T need to sit behind your computer screen day and night to make it happen either.


But that’s what most people get stuck doing and that’s not what you signed up for … is it?


So today, you’re about to do something *BRAND NEW* and out of the ordinary. You’re about to generate so much traffic that your life will literally change … overnight!

Back then this kind of money was a pipeline dream for me too and it surely wasn’t possible from the usual rehashed techniques that are infecting the internet as you read this. The truth is…


This means tearing up every rulebook. It means doing the OPPOSITE of what everybody else is doing wrong. It means…


WALKING AWAY from Google Adwords™
WALKING AWAY from Article Writing
WALKING AWAY from Twitter™
WALKING AWAY from Banner Ads
WALKING AWAY from Backlinking
WALKING AWAY from Blogging
WALKING AWAY from Facebook™
WALKING AWAY from Social Bookmarking


It’s really simple once you see how I’m doing this. So simple that this kind of traffic will seem normal after a while…



And for the record, you…


DON’T need any previous experience
DON’T need any technical skills
DON’T need a website
DON’T need to write articles
DON’T need to wait 6 months for results
DON’T need to work all day and night to make ONE sale


This software can be used by anyone … and we’re talking about people who came online for the very first time, even yesterday!


It’s a simple to understand, user friendly traffic generation software that pumps out cash the other end AND it screams …

I’M DONE paying Google all my wages
I’M DONE working month after month building “SEO” websites
I’M DONE trading time for money, with pennies in return
I’M DONE typing till my fingers hurt
I’M DONE having to beg experts to help me out
I’M DONE having to be skilled at 101 different things
I’M DONE stressing out getting traffic

Now I want to ask you something else…


It’s NOT because the internet doesn’t work or there’s nobody buying online … it’s because millions of people who try don’t know what they’re doing.


So let me share some ‘quick’ hard cold facts with you… reported a 10% increase in people buying online taking the figure close to $34 billion in a quarter (that’s just in 3 months).


But that’s not all … in just the UK alone $7.8 billion was spent online in July 2010.


Take a look at the chart below. More and more people are getting connected to the internet every ‘single’ year and only a small handful of people are serving them and cashing in HARD.



Bluntly… you’re not getting the traffic you should be getting as you’re probably too busy using outdated techniques that worked perfectly, back in the year 2000.


The problem is, most people waste valuable time and money trying these techniques, competing incrowded spaces, using traffic generation methods that are very difficult to work with.


Can you recall doing endless hours of work, day and night and not getting the desired results? You spend days and weeks putting in the ‘work’ and in the end, there’s nothing to show for it.


You don’t stop there … you try again and still nothing happens. You begin to enter an endless cycle of working more and more and begin to suffer more as a result too.


It really doesn’t need to be that way…


Google Adwords


A goldmine for getting traffic? I got sucked in and lost a lot of money. At times I was paying up to $30 a CLICK for my website to appear. YES!! Just a click. Even if a visitor didn’t buy, I still had to pay Google™.


I was out of pocket in no time.


Recently they closed over 30,000 accounts across the globe because they didn’t like ‘something’. Legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter. Google can do whatever they please.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


This word means nothing more than having your websiteaccessible to the search engines to improve the chances they will serve it when a ‘potential’ customer searches for your product.


Be prepared to spend months agonizing day and night over your site layout, LSI, backlinks, meta data, anchor links, do follow backlinks, avoiding the sandbox, and you’ll see the complications will go on and on…

Article Marketing
This is where you write a 750 word article about your product,indirectly selling it, posting it across multiple directories to get visitors to your site (or the one you’re promoting).


It’s overcrowded as it’s been ‘heavily’ used since the birth of the Internet. How many article directories are there now? Hundreds of thousands … so do be patient and expect a few visitors or 10 every week and maybe ONE sale at the end of the year, if you’re lucky.



This is where you request a link back to your site IF only you placed their link on yours. But what if you don’t have a website? How are you going to get backlinks?


Are you really boosting your visibility ‘chances’ on the search engines by getting more and more daily backlinks? It’s time consuming and a lot of WORK.


You’ll end up spending more time and money building a HUGE network of backlinks … months of boring, gruelling work, hoping and praying it will eventually pay off.



The biggest and most influential bloggers are ‘loaded’ with cash today as most of them started back in 2001. Now,everyone has a blog … and that means you’re going to have to do something truly spectacular or unique to get ‘some’ attention.


Do do you have 9 years spare to build a blog from scratch?

Press Releases


This looks awesome in theory as it will give you a quick *burst of traffic* for one day and ONE day only! Press releases are designed to create awareness so they have to be ‘newsworthy’ every time.


How many ‘newsworthy’ information can you write about every week? 1, 3 or maybe even 10 … but what about the next week or the month after?

Social Media


YouTube™ was one expensive lesson for Google. A $1.65 BILLION lesson to be frank. Or was it?


A lot of money spent that’s for sure but is it generating views into CASH? Surely you can potentially get a lot of views to your videos… but the sad reality is, if you’re bored then what do you do? You check out YouTube™ to entertain yourself… right? You want to be entertained or do you want to make money?

Social Networking


Facebook™ and MySpace™ are awesome places to hang out and make new friends with the opposite and same sex. It’s like dating. So … what’s the purpose of!?!


They’re surely growing at a *staggering rate* but did you know why these sites were created in the first place? They were created to S-O-C-I-A-L-I-Z-E!!

Social Bookmarking


The easiest there ever was when it started. You write a couple of lines, hit submit and you get a free backlink PLUS you got instant traffic.


Today MILLIONS of people are bookmarking every second, so don’t expect visitors to find you listed in some *cluttered* RSS feed. Do you think people are going to go out of their way to find you? They would if you were Amazon™!!


So you see I’ve tried them all and I can confirm and tell you from my years of experience, these techniques are absolute garbage and they DON’T work anymore…



…but the problem is, people still decide to use them over and over again with a ‘hint’ of hope that it might just work out this time.


The aftermath?


They end up more bitter, more broke, worn out and frustrated when the money doesn’t come in as quickly as they were promised.


So let me tell you this …

Give Me The Software NOW!!

For years experts have known that using ‘old school‘ methods will only produce mere results. They’re OVER *publicized* and ordinary people like yourself continously fall for them.


After weeks of hard work they’ll get no results and each time their gut feelings get stronger, believing and confirming they can’t make money online.


It’s just unfortunate for them as they fall prey for these techniques.


But wouldn’t it be easier if you could get as much traffic as you ever need, without wasting time on SEO, pay per click, writing articles, blogging and forum schmoozing…?


Wouldn’t it be better to have money coming in THIS AFTERNOON or EVENING, instead of hoping it will come 3 or 6 months from now?


Well, now it CAN!!


Because I’m going to give you instant access to a *BRAND NEW* revolutionized software which, I swear is 100% legal that CAN tap into an ocean of customers instantly.

Now allow me to shock you just a little further with this …


It ONLY Requires 3 *BABY* Steps!!!



That’s truly all you need to do … so why are you complicating your life running the threadmill using old school techniques that DON’T work anymore?


It really doesn’t matter what you sell, or who you sell it to. Once you have access to this level of traffic on demand, you’ll be changing your life for the better.


You’ll never look back once you apply the Auto Mass Traffic™ software…



Yes, it’s unfair… but it’s NOT illegal. And the truth is, money is floating around on the internet and ANYONE can grab it. You just have to reel your fishing rod in, (go where the traffic is) and take home your share (cash).


And right now, you have that opportunity. An opportunity to USE this *BRAND NEW* Unique, Cutting-Edge software for yourself… risk free.


It’s Quick, Simple and Easy to Use.


It requires…


NO previous experience
NO technical skills
NO hosting costs
NO crushing advertising costs
NO guesswork
NO sales skills
NO content creation
NO knowledge of marketing online


The minimum skills required to use this software is clicking the mouse button and being able to copy and paste. That’s all!!


There’s no downloading and messing around with settings. It’s ready to go as soon as you get access. You don’t even need to pay the staggering hosting fees I’m paying to keep it running.


You’re going to get every single step required to start pulling in hundreds of targeted visitors with this software as soon as you get access in the next 30 seconds.


A software you can activate from the comfort of your home and spend as little as a ‘spare’ 30 minutes to get started.


Think about it …


Once you get instant access… you’ll be amazed to discover how the software is EASY to use, SIMPLE to understand and pumps out powerful results every time without any guesswork or technical difficulties.


Suddenly all the ‘make money’ tales you have heard over the years, all the real meanings of working online and being your own boss … come alive right before your very eyes.


You’ll witness REAL cash being deposited into your own accounts … account after account. You’ll begin to hear constant, instant email messages with another ‘Payment Received’ notification.


Now tell me … can there really be a more thrilling experience than this? Everything you’ve read, watched or heard about making money at home in your underwear, takes on a whole new meaning. Just imagine the expression on your face the moment the money hits your bank account.


You’ll even call the bank up to confirm if THE money was actually deposited!!


Plus with all the time you’ll be saving, all of the *insane* income you’ll be making each and every day with this proven traffic software… what would a typical day be for you then?


Monday morning. You;re woken up by the sunshine light coming through your bedroom window. There’s no alarm clock in this new life.


You slouch out of bed, and enjoy an empty house as everybody else has already left for school or work hours ago whilst you were sleeping.


You stumble into the kitchen to make some coffee and a full cooked breakfast… the kind of morning feast that most people only ever have time for on weekends.


You flip open your laptop on the kitchen table, to check your stats and sales.


Those fat checks have been coming in all night… and will continue to come in for the rest of the day, tomorrow, next week and next month. $2,765.95, $5,313.67, $6,037.85… one after the other, like clockwork.


The remaining day is a matter of deciding whether you want to have more fun with the software and make more money, or go play golf, or catch up with friends, or even just watch your favorite TV soap till late afternoon. Maybe you’ll take the car for a spin, or heck, maybe you’ll go shopping for that sports car you’ve always wanted.


This WON’T be a fantasy for you anymore. You’ll be cashing in from home, generating BIG traffic volumes and sales online with a few clicks of a mouse button.
I’ve worked hard for this, 4 years and I don’t want it getting into the wrong hands. This software deserves an honest and ethical owner… are you one of them?


I only want a ‘handful’ of serious people who want to work from home to get instant access to this *proven* traffic software system. This is BRAND NEW and never released before. I created this software from scratch and it easily generates several thousand visitors a day … and there’s no reason why it won’t do the same for you.


Let me give you access and prove these facts to you


It will free you from writing endless articles
It will free you from creating website after website
It will free you from long, torturous hours of endless work
It will free you from creating graphics and banners
It will free you from technical difficulties
It will free you from guess work
It will free you from frustration, anxiety and stress


It means that once you download, you can forget all the technical, time consuming, difficult and frustrating aspects to making money online to actually making money for a change.


You can use this software on your own product or service…


You can use this software to promote other peoples products as an affiliate and receive commission checks…


Heck, you can even become a consultant for other people and charge them an arm and a leg for your time.


It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been online for several years or this is your first website visit, male or female, in work or out of work. It makes no difference how bad or great your history is – how you can never get traffic – how you have never made any money online – how things never click in place for you – how much a prisoner you are to this game – how terrified you are of computers, websites or even blogs.


In my years of learning and experimenting with more or less every traffic generation technique, here’s an astonishing fact.


Did you know, all the TOP earners working from home using the internet do NOT rely on Adwords™, SEO, blogging, article writing, social networks, social bookmarking…?
If YOU just mastered what is necessary… getting traffic with this revolutionary piece of software then the money will begin to roll in all by itself. And the best part is … you don’t need to sit behind your computer screen, 18 hours a day to do so … NO!!!


Give Me A Copy NOW!!


Up to now this extraordinary traffic system would have cost as high as $1,997. But I know $2,000 is more than the average person can afford – so I’m deciding to get the price down so low that the software would pay for itself 10 TIMES over in a matter of hours of using it.


So here is an astonishing proposition…


If you check your traffic stats before and after applying the Auto Mass Traffic™ software and boast to your friends about it, here’s what I’m prepared to do for you.


You can have access to the software, start getting insanes amount of traffic for only a fraction of what everyone else is paying these days to consultants.


I’m Not Going To Charge You A Thousand Bucks For This *BRAND NEW* Traffic Software … and remember it’s never been released before.


I’m not even going to charge half of that, at just $497.


Not even half again at just a paltry $250.


In fact, if you act right now, you can have it for a measly $37…. that’s 62 cents a day!! And no … that’sNOT a miss print .


That’s really a tear drop in the ocean when you see how much traffic you could be cashing in from, each and every week with this software.

And even though I am only asking for one small investment for full access, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to back your investment up either.


I want to completely remove the risk here, and put all the risk on my own shoulders with this…


However if you don’t get the traffic I’m claiming within the next 60 days as a result, then I want you to contact me and I will return every cent you paid. No questions asked. But that’s not all… I’m also going to CHALLENGE YOU!



I’ve vigorously designed and tested this software so that anyone – including you – can jump right in and start getting VAST amounts of traffic, day after day.


With NO risk or endless learning curve, there really is no better way to start making money online these days.


However, I’m an honest guy and here’s something you should know…


If you think you have what it takes to click the mouse button several times, copy and paste then I am certainTHIS is going to be easy for you … really easy.


Let Me In NOW!!


I know, it can be tricky to make a decision here, especially when the price is really low. Fact is … you’ve read this far and I know *THIS* software can help you succeed.


And here’s something I want you to know…


I’ve been generating traffic and making money online for over FOUR years now. That’s 48 months, 1,461 days, 35,064 hours or 2,103,840 minutes for that matter.


I’ve built up a rock solid reputation that simply could not have been possible if I ever gave people like yourself some lame, rehashed software that didn’t work. It’s NOT worth it.


I’ve always been to the POINT, hence the reason why I have over 60,000 people following my other systems since I started teaching online. This unique software is being released for the very first time today and again, anyone can jump in and “just get it” from day one. Age, race, location and social status are no barrier.


I don’t care if you’ve never made any money online before of if you’re not a marketer or you struggle with the simple stuff. That’s what this software is designed for… to help you past all those hurdles. And yes, when I say anyone, I’m talking about YOU too.


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This software is the perfect solution to finding sniper targeted cash paying customers.
It’s combined technology has *PERCISION* indicators in place. It will inform you what percent of people will BUY (green indicator) from you and the percent of people that won’t (red indicator) and never will buy from you no matter how hard you try.
So *IMAGINE* knowing beforehand if a visitor is going to be spending money with you or not?! Word of warning though … stay AWAY from the RED indicator 😉
If the red light goes off, you’ll never see any money BUT if theGREEN light goes off … then imagine how many instant cash ready visitors you’ll be converting into customers when they come to you.


So from here, you now have 2 choices…


1. Continue to spend all your time, money and energy on the *old school* junk techniques that don’t work anymore…


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2. Use a simple software that has absolute baby steps for pulling traffic and cash literally with a few clicks of your mouse button if that.


And when that happens, life changes in a big way.


Here’s the worrying part though…

They will continue to self sabotage. They will convince themselves that it’s impossible. They will let their previous bad experiences dictate their future choices.


They will never break free from their 9-5 work. They will never supplement their income. They will never get out of debt. They will never pay off their mortgage or loans. They will never get their dream car, house or vacation.


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When you’re reaching old age, do you really want to look back and say “I made my boss millions, but at least I got a state pension and paid off some debts…”


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