The Cutter’s Guide to Fixing America: Party Lines

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Cutter Rambles

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, the federal government (or at least the “non-essential” parts of it) has been shut down.

What’s the cause of this shutdown?  The simple technical answer is that Congress hasn’t approved a spending bill, so the government isn’t allowed to operate.  The more important question is: Why did this happen?  You’ll likely get a different answer depending on who you ask, but the underlying cause is that America’s two major political parties have been unable to cooperate.  It’s gotten so bad that some Congressmen have basically admitted that they aren’t really interested in working together for the betterment of the country; They only care about getting their way.

Obviously, they weren’t paying attention when I wrote the first part of my Guide to Fixing America.  So just in case any of them happen to stumble upon this site, I’ve decided to re-visit my plan…

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